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Instagram Privacy Policy

Objek Wisata (OBW) will use this Instagram page for external relations (communications/outreach/public dialogue), to make photos and images widely available to the general public, and promote transparency and accountability.

Users engaging the OBW Instagram page expect privacy protections while interacting with the OBW. OBW will only post photos and images and, to the extent possible, will not allow the posting of public comments associated with these images. OBW will not use this Instagram page to: 1) search Flickr; and 2) keep public users’ photos and images without a prior notice. To the extent a user posts or sends photos to OBW’s page, OBW will use the minimum amount necessary to accomplish a purpose authorized by statute, executive order, or regulation.

OBW will use this Instagram page to: 1) establish user names and passwords to form profiles; 2) accept requests from public user accounts to view OBW photos and images; and 3) post photos and images on Instagram related to official business. OBW may share photos and images posted on the OBW Instagram page if there is a demonstrated need to know, and will only post photos and images after it has been appropriately approved and vetted by OBW OPA.

The photos and images posted on the OBW Instagram page is available to the individual posting and to any and all users on the OBW Instagram page who are able to access the public-facing side of the account. To protect your privacy and the privacy of others, do not post photos and images that include your full name, date of birth, social security number, address, phone numbers, email addresses, case numbers, or any other sensitive information.

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